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Monday, March 25, 2013

So You Need a New Vacuum Cleaner

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So you think you need a new Vacuum Cleaner?  Maybe not.  Yes, we are in the business of selling vacuum cleaners, but we are also, and more importantly, in the business of customer service.  I think it is a shame how many people come into our store, having been told that their vacuum cleaner cannot be repaired or that the cost is prohibitive to repair their vacuum cleaner.  Do I think the guys at our shop are that much better at repairing vacuum cleaners?  Well, maybe, but I am biased, since they happen to be my husband and my nephew.  What I do know is that they are skilled at listening to the customer and being good stewards of the customer's money and needs.

There are many reasons why you may need a new vacuum cleaner.  Some of those are
  • Your needs have changed.
    • You have allergies and need better filtration.
    • You changed your type of flooring 
    • You moved into a new place (and it's bigger or different)      
  • You can no longer handle your (heavy) vacuum cleaner.  For example, I have arthritis in my wrist and have to choose a vacuum cleaner (partially) based upon what I can handle.
  • You decide to give your old vacuum cleaner to a family member who is starting their own household.
  • You have continuous problems with your vacuum cleaner (clogs, parts breaking, not working)
  • The cost to repair your vacuum cleaner is more than it is worth.  
  This list is not exhaustive.  There could be other reasons why you need a new vacuum cleaner, but before you throw your current vacuum into the land fill, consider going to a vacuum expert that you can trust and get an opinion about repairing yours.  If, in fact, you do need to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, I hope you will consider an expert at an independent vacuum store, (we hope you choose ours) who can guide you into making a purchase that:  fits your budget, fits your needs and will last a long time.

We have made in the USA vacuum cleaners, we have German-made Miele Vacuums, which are made to last 20 years and will. But, most importantly, we will give you honest advice and opinions, based upon your needs and wants. 

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Air Purifiers or Vacuum Cleaners that is the Question

One of the most puzzling questions I get in my store is regarding to allergies. I guess technically it is not a question it is a wrong assumption. Here it goes. “I have serious allergies and I need to clean the air in my house, so I guess I need an air purifier.”

Since this statement is correct, I can easily sell the suffering customer a wonderful Blueair air purifier. The catch is this, that statement is missing something, the vacuum cleaner.
Here is the deal. A high quality air purifier like the Blueair will do a wonderful job of scrubbing the air in your home and eliminating many of the irritating particles from the air giving the allergy sufferer some well-deserved relief from those pesky mold spoors, pollens and particulates that are making you sneeze, wheeze and causing headaches. That is where it stops though. With the machine running you should feel better. What about all the same particles in your carpet, shades and drapes, on or under your couch and bed. What happens every time you walk across the carpet? Yep, that’s right; you stir them up into the air. Now the machine has to run for another hour or two to scrub the air again.
Worse yet, you get out the cheap $129 bagless vacuum cleaner and vacuum your floor. You know it’s spewing out dust though every crack in the machine. You can see it. Just try vacuuming in the morning when the sun is shining brightly through the windows. Look at the cloud of dust in the sun beam your vacuum is leaving behind.
Now consider using a Certified Sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner. Miele vacuums are certified HEPA vacuums. What does this mean? They are certified by an outside source, not their own laboratories to be a completely sealed system. Meaning, any dirt that goes in, will stay in, period. Now every time you vacuum any of those allergens that have found their way to the carpet will be picked up and captured once and for all by the Miele Vacuum Cleaner.

Here is my theory. I haven’t spent millions of dollars testing this but to me it is only logical. If you have allergies take the following actions.
1) Replace your furnace filters with high quality filters (I prefer Filtrete® by 3M)
2) If you are not using a Sealed HEPA Certified Vacuum Cleanerbuy one and start using it
3) Buy a high quality air purifier like Blueair and change the filters every six months
This might all seem like a lot of money, but look, you have been paying for years in suffering, medicine and doctors’ visits. Why not start paying yourself and feel better at the same time.
If you would like to learn more about filtration and how smog pollens and irritants effect your health visit, filtration applied to vacuums. You can also post questions on this blog.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

American Made Riccar Vacuum Cleaners

While the German engineered Miele Vacuum Cleaners have always been the benchmark of quality around the world, the American made Riccar Vacuum Cleaners give them a real run for their money.

When it comes to upright vacuum cleaners with attachments on board two brands stand out above the rest, Miele and Riccar. While both of these manufacturers offer multiple models and price ranges to choose from, I am going to talk about their top of the line models, to avoid muddying the waters with price comparisons. So today I will offer you pros and cons of the Miele Tango and the Riccar Radiance models.

Here are the features that both of these units share.
1) Fingertip power controls
2) Fingertip carpet to floor switch
3) On Board attachments
4) Triple length stretch hose
5) Use synthetic HEPA filtration bags
6) Lifetime belts
7) Electronic bag and filter change indicators
8) Brilliant LED Headlights
9) Gas pump style ergonomic handles
10) Multi Stage HEPA Filtration
11) Non-marring rubberized wheels
12) Molded furniture guards
13) Aluminum handle posts
14) 40 ft. cords
15) Aluminum telescoping wands
16) 15 to25 year life expectancy

While sharing the above features, the Riccar Radiance vacuum cleaners are made in the USA in St James MO. They are the perfect vacuum cleaner for multi-level carpeting, hard surface floors and above the floor cleaning. The Riccar also offers these features:

1) Manual and auto carpet height adjustment.
2) Aluminum ball bearing brushroll that is serviceable
3) 5 year parts and labor warranty

The Miele Tango vacuum cleaners are the quietest upright vacuum cleaners on the market. They are designed and made in Germany. The Tango also offers the user ease of use on multi-level carpeting, hard surface floors and above the floor cleaning. Added features that come standard with the Miele Tango are listed below.

1) Manual or fully automated speed controls.
2) Patented swivel neck maneuverability
3) Third Party certified sealed filtration system
4) 360 degree swivel wheels
5) 2 year Good Housekeeping seal of approval warranty
6) 7 year motor warranty

When it comes to suction or cleaning I believe after testing and using both units that the Riccar picks up dirt better on carpet. However, the exceptional maneuverability and quietness of the Miele seems to outshine the Riccar. Personally, I like to vacuum with the Miele which results in vacuuming more often and thus getting my carpet cleaner.

Pet hair: I know you are waiting to hear about how they compare. They are fairly equal. Both units have aggressive brushrolls, giving them the required agitation to remove pet hair efficiently from your carpets. On furniture, the suction alone, of these units, do a nice job, but if you have cats and dogs laying on your fabric furniture depositing exceptional amounts of fur, I recommend you purchase an additional Turbo powered hose attachment that both companies offer.

From the service end of this great debate I find little difference in the two machines. I see very, very few service calls required for either vacuum. A purchase of either one is a great, long-lived investment.

To compare these two machines side by side, stop in at A Cleaner Place, 12409 N Rockwell Avenue, OKC, OK, or give me a call at 405-721-7222.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Price – Quality – Service

Price – Quality – Service
Pick any Two

That sign is in my office where I can read it every day. I live by it, but how do I convey that simple equation to my customers? I have attempted many times and usually find myself going to my office and getting the sign and showing it to the customer I am talking with. It gets a guttered chuckle and usually a comment like, “that’s about right” or “Oh that’s funny”. Not really the reaction I was looking for. Today though, the lights came on for me, I realized that the average consumer does not get it or does want to get it. Either way, they want all three if you are offering, but will settle for only one, if convenient.

In today’s world with all the Wal-Mart’s, Costco’s and’s, many consumers have settled for just one: price. Why? I don’t really know. We all carry smart phones and I-Pads around with us, so we are more informed; but in reality, we are not smarter. We are all tweeting or facebooking and texting but that is just a lot of chatter that nobody is really paying attention to. So, let’s go back to the sign in my office.

Price, yep your smart phone can tell you in just a few seconds if the price of the product you are looking for is the best price available, but when it comes to quality and service the big “grey area” comes into play. You can Google all you want and you will find both good and bad customer reviews for the product you are looking at. Same thing goes for the store’s reputation of service. You will find both good and bad reviews for most stores. So what we humans do is, be humans. We choose by the easiest method available to us: price. After all, we can see the price; it is there in black and white. We cannot really see the quality and the service, well, we are pretty used to not ever getting that, so price it is.

So why do people think my sign is “funny”? Because they don’t believe that quality or service is part of their purchase. It is just a lucky bonus if they happen to blindly stumble upon it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you take the time to comment on this blog, I’d love to hear from you.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sanitaire Commercial & Vacuums for your Home

Sanitaire Heavy Duty vacuum cleaners were first offered to consumers in the 1950s. Then, in 1972, Eureka (Sanitaire's parent company at the time) launched the Red Sanitaire products for commercial users after repeated requests from dealers. The commercial cleaning industry was still relatively small at the time as most hotels, businesses, schools and health-care facilities were independently managed with on-site cleaning crews.

Sanitaire commercial vacuums and products have been serving commercial cleaners for over 35 years. These long-lasting vacuums are durable and service parts are readily available and cost efficient. Some professional cleaners have been using the same Sanitaire vacuum for 20 years. carries both the Commercial (Red) and the Professional (Blue) line of vacuums, equipment and their genuine supplies and parts and greatly reduced prices. We understand that in the commercial and professional world, time is important therefore we ship the products you order fast to be sure you can keep your business up and running.

The Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners, both Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Cleaners and the Sanitaire Blue, made for the home user, are go-to recommendations if someone has a pet or other deep cleaning needs and does not want any extra bells and whistles. We have recommended from this line to family members and good friends who are very happy with them.

Many commercial users buy the  Electrolux sanitaire sc412 commercial backpack vacuum.  
This is a pretty cool vacuum you can carry on your back.  Ideal for hard-to-reach places, the backpack vacuum is all about versatility. This CRI Green Label certified model is well-equipped with a wide assortment of attachments for carpet and bare floor cleaning.

Shop online for vacuum cleaners at or
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Clean a House

Since I know my mother will never, ever be reading blogs on the Internet, I can safely say she is not a good housekeeper.  I don't know if she ever was, but as far back as I can remember, we did not have a neat and tidy home.  I was the fourth of four children and we lived on a dairy farm.  By the time I was six, my mother had begun to work outside the home and off the farm.  So, in fairness to her, I should say, my dad wasn't a housekeeper at all, good or bad. 

I am sure I am not the only one in the world who had parents who did not keep a tidy home, so how do people learn to clean?  For me, it was my home economics teacher, DeAnn Pence, God rest her soul, was a dynamic, energetic teacher at Chandler High School, Chandler, Oklahoma.  She taught us to make muffins, to sew and, in my opinion, most importantly, how to clean a house. 

Among the things I remember was, you clean from the inside out and from the top to bottom.  I also learned from her the order that you do dishes:  silverware/flatware, plates and bowls, serving utensils, pots and pans.  And for the most sanitary dishes, let them air dry as you tidy up the counters from cooking.  I guess some of that is moot since most of us have dishwashers, but they are lessons I have carried with me.  Do young people have Home Economics classes anymore?  If not, where do they learn to clean if they don't learn it at home?  Perhaps you never learned. 

Check our past blogs for  ceiling fan cleaning tips
                                       cleaning your keyboard
                                       cleaning stainless
                                       pet stains and odors
Here are some basic cleaning tips from Mrscleanusa's website:

1. Put all your cleaning supplies in a tote so you can carry it with you.

2. Begin in the back of your home, and work your way to the front, room, by room.

3. Clean left to right, back to front, and top to bottom for maximum efficiency

4. Make your every move count. Get organized before you start with that cleaning tote.

5.Focus on the job at hand. You are cleaning the house, and distractions will drag out the job.

6.Try to clean regularly. It's easier to do routine cleaning and maintain a high shine if you are on top of it.